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Welcome to The 1940s Experience where living historian and novelist Cat T. Gardiner

travels with you to wartime America and beyond in her evocative WWII-era epic novels.

Cat's WW2-era debut novel, A Moment Forever, was a

2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award Romance Finalist.

She is currently wrapping up the two-volume Flying with the Swallows adventure:

The Lisbon Affair, Volume One and Rendezvous in Berlin, Volume Two, set to publish April 2024.


Between writing and WWII home front reenacting,

Cat takes her readers on a forties journey here at The 1940s Experience blog and gallery.

The Lisbon Affair
Flying With the Swallows
A Moment Forever Cover_edited.png
Award Winning Novel

"In my lifetime of reading there have only been a few stories that have stayed with me, where the characters lived on after I closed the book - this is one of them."

Seasons in Time Box Set Cover_edited.png
Time & Again Antique Shop Series

"Ms Gardiner is one of the most talented authors out there. I challenge you to dislike this book because I know it is not possible. She is truly gifted in sharing hope and love. Magical!"

Undercover - An Austen Noir

 "I have read and given all of Cat’s other books 5 stars…she writes the tone, the language, the culture and the political atmosphere of the 1950's here so well. I kept hearing Humphrey Bogart’s and Lauren Bacall’s voices in my head. I highly recommend this book."