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About Cat

Hi-di-ho! I'm a NYC born and Long Island raised girl who has fallen in love with the romance of an era: the Greatest Generation. My husband and I adore exploring the 1940s home front and military experiences as living historians, wishing for a time machine to transport us back seventy-plus years.


I’m inspired by those everyday young adults who changed the fate of the world, and I write about them, taking you on an epic journey during WWII. My historical fiction novels always begin in my beloved Big Apple and surround the reader with the sights and sounds of a generation through Pinterest boards and music playlists.


I love unboxing my vintage frocks to attend U.S.O dances and re-enactment camps as part of my research--and 1940s experience--for my WWII-era novels. It is my belief that everyone should have an understanding of The 1940s Experience™ and I hope to take you there in my novels.


I am also the author of eleven Jane Austen-inspired contemporary published works, however, my greatest passion is writing 20th Century Historical Fiction, WWII-era. A Moment Forever is my award-winning, debut novel in that genre.


Coming Soon

WWII Romance Novels

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