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Valentine Photo Project #2

Welcome back, kittens! Thank you for stopping by for our next Sweetheart couple.

A romantic Valentine's Day card presents Jimmie and Jeannie, a sweet couple I adopted from an antique store. I purchased a thick zip lock back filled with many WW2-era photographs and these two love-birds were within. They were quite the social couple and frequenters of the famed "400 Club" in Washington, DC. She was a majorette for War Bond drives. I don't know if Jimmie made it home, but Jeannie visited "Bill Green's Casino" nightclub in memory of their third anniversary and went to all the places she and Jimmie visited together. The inscriptions on the cardboard frames tug at the heart.

I love how they celebrated New Year's Eve with dear friends, and how they memorialized the event by signing their names. I wonder - who made it home? Where are they now? What songs did they all dance to as they brought in 1945 - the year the war would end. I wish I knew if Jeannine and Jimmie married; had they had a family? I don't think so - because she celebrated their 3-year anniversary at Green's without him in 1946.

"New Year's Eve 1945 Never-to-Forget," she wrote.

"Two years tonight I took a change "What a good deal" I love her. Even two years after," he wrote.

Keep 'em Flying, my friends! See you again, soon.

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