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WW2 HF Series Finally Publishes!

Hi-di-ho, friends!

It's here! It's here!

I hope this email finds you all well! It's been a while since I blogged about books or 1940s living, but modern life has been...interesting...and while I hoped writing would remain a steady full-time endeavor, best-laid-plans sort of took a detour for a time. I've been wearing another hat these days: caregiver to my parents. All good, everything for a season, and it certainly has been another blessing in my life. For all you caregivers out there: you are amazing!! ♥

With that said, there was a constant practice when finishing the "Flying with the Swallows" duology between doctor appointments and every other thing that came with the job of caring for super-seniors. That "constant" helped me keep the commitment I made to them that I would publish The Lisbon Affair, Vol. One and Rendezvous in Berlin, Vol. Two while they were still with us! The constant was that I read to them each chapter or scene I had just completed! They, like you will (hopefully,) followed the heroine and hero's journey since the beginning of my writing FWTS and every day when I arrived at their house with Kindle in hand dad (now 92) said, "Are you finished?" Imagine their shock when I said "Yes!"

So... here they are! Finally! My latest novels in WW2 Historical Fiction Romance / Women's Historical Fiction / Epic Saga:

Book trailer:

If you are interested in reading excerpts: HERE

There is also an audio excerpt for The Lisbon Files:

For more information about "Flying with the Swallows," click HERE

Of course, you were a constant, too. There, in the back of my mind, I knew you were with me, cheering me on even during my three-year social media blackout following my mother's heart surgery and father's strokes. Thank you all for your patience and concern. I do so hope you enjoy the books! Jeez, you've been waiting long enough for them! LOL. Hopefully, they are worth the wait! FYI, these are the first books I have released into Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free reading! There is also a paperback and ebook purchase option. Thank you so very much!

Happy reading and keep 'em flying!


Cat Gardiner

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04 apr

You are the best daughter ever and caregivers deserve medals. Way to go finishing on your promise to them. You wrote a dynamic duo they can be proud of.

Mi piace
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