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A Valentine Photo Project

Hello, Kittens!

Well, no matter how hard life tries to distract me and my muse, I do try to come back to you and my little creative outlet here. I have missed you all so, and my muse misses spending quality time with me. Rest assured, though, I am writing and with only four chapters remaining in the two-volume WW2 novel, which has taken forever, it won't be tooooooo long. With a new computer in a new, redecorated writing space, I have redesigned The 1940s Experience website and added recent photos in the Gallery. I hope you enjoy the new look and content!

So, let's start small today with a Valentine Photo Project:

The 1940s Room has been relocated, too with a themed mantle for change of seasons. This month, I'll share a little backstory of the items/photographs.

I'd like to introduce you to sweethearts Anna and her sailor Maggie. I adopted them from an antique store in Tarpon Springs, FL but try as I might, I could find no information on them. The little Navy Valentine card is not associated with them, but I just adore it! A lucky find, the flag-bearing arms move up and down.

I just love their smiles! Their joy pops on film. They are so cute together.

Thank you so much for stopping by, dear readers!! I'll see you next week! Hugs and kisses to you all.

Keep 'em Flying!


2 comentarios

13 feb 2023

So good to hear you are well and continuing to write! I, too, have missed you! Your vignette is lovely as are the photos! Happy Valentine's Day!

Carole in Canada

Me gusta

12 feb 2023

I really like what you have done. I have missed you. Good to know you are still writing.

Me gusta
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