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Their 1940s Romance #4

Bernadine and John

This adorable couple's romance was submitted to The 1940s Experience by their daughter, a very talented musician and friend with a song in her heart for all.

Bernadine Hammes from Pocahontas, IA met John Marolf from Spenser, IA on a double date! Bunny, as they called her, was a nursing student and John was in the U.S. Army. They had a brief courtship and had a double wedding in Champagne, Ill on Feb. 5, 1942! Whenever her husband was re-stationed, Bunny followed him wherever she was allowed to go and waited for him when she wasn’t. Although told they could not have children, they adopted a bouncing baby boy and then four years later were further blessed by the birth of their daughter when stationed in Turkey.

They lived around the world and, as a family, even survived a plane crash in Saudi Arabia! John retired as a major from the military in 1960 and they settled in Farmington, NJ.

I absolutely love this image. He looks excited but a little nervous and beautiful Bunny is so happy with her handsome G.I. I adore her rolled hair.

Thank you, Judy for sharing your parents' amazing love story of 51 years! ♥

See you next time for another couple of lovebirds and their story!

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