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Four novelettes where the 1940s meets the present through a time-slip wormhole. Share the romantic and exciting journey with history's favorite literary couple from Pride and Prejudice.
Romance is always in the air and Time & Again. The shop's portal to other timelines, eras, and parallel universes is always open and ready for you to suspend belief for your own trip to timeless romance.

Book 1

Romance and time-travel meet Pride and Prejudice in this utterly romantic modern story. Step back in time to WWII-era for a sweet Valentine's Day. 


A curious visit to Time & Again antique shop turns into so much more than discovering trinkets from the past. There are love and lessons in the air. Travel with Lizzy Bennet to 1943 where she leaves her mobile device behind and looks up to meet one dashing G.I. at U.S.O dance.

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Book 3

A romantic, modern/WWII-era  Pride & Prejudice-inspired novelette to the magical side of All Hallow's Eve through a worm hole. 


Halloween is an exciting time at the Time & Again antique shop, and William Darcy and Lizzy Bennet are about to discover why--yet again. The shop holds much more than trinkets from the past in the modern day. It holds the memories of those who once cherished them-- maybe it even holds their spirit. 

Anxiously missing and waiting for her fiance's return from military service, our dear heroine has a heavy heart and a little envy as she helps to arrange her sister's wedding, putting off making wedding plans of her own. Perhaps a mysterious mirror in the shop and a little mischief-making on All Hallows' Eve will help to fill that hole in her heart by working a little miracle back in 1944.

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Book 2

A romantic, modern Pride & Prejudice inspired novelette story honoring Memorial Day. 

Charles Bingley is suffering from cold feet as his wedding day approaches. Can his new friend, Will Darcy help him to stay the course or will he dissuade him? Perhaps their trip to Time & Again antique shop will help the young man find his missing spine. Perhaps Will may also come to learn a few things about love.


Travel back in time to WWII with Will and Charlie where love for their sweethearts carries them through battle, making them the bravest of men.

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Book 4

A modern/WWII-era Pride & Prejudice-inspired time-slip novella where timeless romance propels new beginnings at both ends of a wormhole. 

Four seasons in time have come full circle to a dawning New Year, which promises great adventures for Lizzy & Will, Charlie & Jane ... and for Doris, the owner of Time & Again. Now that Will has returned from military deployment, Lizzy is full speed ahead planning their wedding, and Doris is preparing for her own “grand adventure”—at 94 years of age! Her sweetheart is waiting for her back in the 1946 for a New Year's Eve dance and a do-over life together! Ssh, it's a secret. Only there is a hitch: He won't know her.

But the nearly full moon—and the wormhole—also have plans for Lizzy when Will takes her to the long-abandoned Lucas Elks Lodge, the place where it all began on Valentine's Day 1943. The cold winter night is full of surprises, and enthusiasm soon turns to panic when the portal—and Father Time—demand Lizzy, right before Will's eyes. Doris needs her help back in 1946!

Will Lizzy succeed in her unexpected matchmaking trip through the vortex? Will she make it back in time (if at all) to enjoy her own New Year's Eve dance and hopeful kiss at midnight. Maybe Will's fears that she won't return back to him and the plans they’ve made for their future together has open his eyes to her fears.

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Book Bundle
Books 1-4
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