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Christmas Greetings photo story

Hi-di-ho friends! It's time for another Photo Story Project - one (or a few) photo(s) at a time and a small glimpse into the 1940s Experience. We're in my favorite season and I simply adore receiving Christmas cards! It got me thinking how our service members must have felt so far from home at this time of the year. The letters and care packages received on the front lines must have been a warm hug of comfort, a piece of home from thousands of miles away. And what of the children and sweethearts who missed their brave fella so much? Even the slightest word was the greatest Christmas gift!

So I'll start this month's project with a very special greeting card from my personal collection. Husband and wife Andy and Dot hailed from Ossining, NY and left behind several photos and correspondence. I discovered them in a forgotten box of ephemera in an antique store and particularly fell in love with this soldier card. The couple had a cute little arrangement of hiding sweet sentiments in the folds of their cards or love notes on the back of a photograph that they sent back and forth. The only 'letter' I have from Andy was written October 7, 1944 from Holland. It begins, "My Darling Sweetheart:" And ends, "I love you with all my heart, body, & soul & I always will forever & ever."

Andy did return home to Dot.

Happy Holidays, kittens! KEEP 'EM FLYING until our next photo!


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