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Christmas Greetings - #4

*** Dear, Son ***

Of all the Christmas Greetings, this one is my favorite. Sent to "Master Harry W. Staats, Jr." from his father serving in Tunisia, Africa as an Army M.P (Military Police.) Postmarked Nov. 7, 1942 to Pittsburgh, PA from the other side of the world, the Sargent sent his infant his very first Christmas greeting. At mailing, Harry, Jr. was only two weeks old!

Dear Son:

I can't be with you this Xmas but I'll be with you next year & I'll stack your toys to the ceiling. "Margie," I know he can't read this but I feel so much better sending him this card. You see "Hon," we can't buy anything where I'm at. So, "Hon" let him and you kiss my picture on Xmas day and where ever I am stationed, I'll do the same.

Love & kisses,


The backstory to this precious find within one of my favorite antique shops is that I purchased a Ziplock bag of random WWII photographs and letters. Although a hefty price, it was worth it! Among other unconnected snapshots, was Sgt. Staats correspondence to his wife along with several photographs, including his professional military portrait. This Christmas card was discovered in another booth - and I had no idea of knowing - that it belonged to those items I held in my hand in the mystery Ziplock. :) But the sentiment and joy (not to mention the cats on the front) urged me to purchase. As part of my ongoing endeavor as the "Heirloom Detective", I hope to successfully reunite all these treasured heirlooms with the late Sgt. Staats granddaughter in the New Year when I finally contact her through Facebook. I've been nervous (as I usually am) to contact a stranger, but I am sure she would - I mean who wouldn't? - want these family treasures. And if she does not, then they will remain in my Collection along with other photographs and letters of those who have no family to pass them on to.

It's almost Christmas, kittens! I'll have two more posts before the New Year. I hope you are enjoying the magic of the season and this year's Christmas Photo Story Project!



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