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His Soldier's Story - #3

* * * Charles Stuckie * * *

Mr. Cat's 94 year-old patient Jean, shared these fantastic photos of her handsome husband! They were carefully preserved in laminate so that the fading and wearing passage of time would not persevere over one man's valiant military history.

The native born Floridian, Charlie was only 21 years old when he married the pretty waitress from Pittsburgh in October of 1945 and went on to work in his father's plumbing business.

But prior to settling down in post-war domesticity, the brave hero had been enlisted into the Army Air Forces at 19. It was high altitude danger and exciting dogfights in his F4F Wildcat fighter plane against Japanese Zeros over the Pacific!

When he returned, the sweethearts married and were together 52 years before his passing in 1997.

Wow! I just love these images and can only imagine what it must have felt like in one of those warbirds. Taking off from an aircraft carrier and engaging the enemy over the Pacific Ocean, zipping through the clouds under fire. The adrenaline must have been over-the-top, yet tense and frightening at the same time.

Thank you, Jean for sharing your late-husband with us. We honor his bravery with deep appreciation for his service.

Until next time and our next Greatest Generation veteran's heroic service! KEEP 'EM FLYING

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