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His Soldier's Story - #2

* * * Brothers * * *

Edmund and Ernest Bosia

Mr. Cat's 96 year-old patient, Edmund, proudly displays this photograph of him (R) and his younger brother, Ernest (L) before being shipped off to the European Theater.

Sons of Italian immigrants, the Bostonian handsome brothers were only 16 months apart in age and called up to fight within three months of each other - one to the Army Air Forces and the other to Army infantry (under Patton's Third.)

With distinct pride for his brother's service and sacrifice, Edmund shared that Ernest was Killed in Action on October 26, 1944 in Northern France, during which time his meritorious, brave actions earned him a Silver Star!

Because of Ernest's KIA status, the War Department kept Edmund stateside for the duration of the war as invaluable ground crew for their great warbirds!

Thank you, Edmund for sharing your brother's bravery with us and thank you for your service! You are both heroes to a grateful nation.

Aren't these fellas dreamy, girls? See you next time as we continue our July photo project: His Soldier's Story KEEP 'EM FLYING

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