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Spring News

The Home Front News

Hi-di-ho, friends!!

You know what they say about "best laid plans," right? Jeepers! This grand plan of a bi-monthly v-mail newsletter got way laid, but here I am. It's still technically spring and some of my friends up north are still having chilly weather. So, I guess The Home Front News may be on time! :)

Well, I hope this update finds you all well and excited for your summer plans ahead - whatever they are. I am busy at work re-building my 1940s one-room apartment for the D-Day Conneaut, Ohio event in August. I know, I know, I hadn't planned on making the 17-hour trip up again, but I did have so much fun and the little boarding room I transport has a story to tell. Besides, I enjoy the time spent with my dad working on the project and the opportunity to have my sweetheart's undivided attention during the drive up. The house promises to be stronger and better than last year, able to weather any storm! Stay tuned for construction photos in the gallery. I've already added some of the new - old - items I'll be taking up since I have resumed my antique shop hunting.

Some Housekeeping: I've heard some feedback from friends about my site's accessibility (not loading quickly.) It sure is giving me some indigestion!! All I can say is that I'm working with the host website company, compressing images, and created a landing page to help it load faster. Seconds can seem like forever today. Ha! Maybe everything is moving at a snail's pace and not a New York microsecond because I'm stuck in the non-tech 1940s! :) Thank you for hanging in there, darlings. Pour a cup of Joe while you wait. LOL

And what special news do I have for you today? Good things! I'm busy writing the third and final novel of an Austen-inspired contemporary series and then I'm headed back to the 1940s, resuming my writing on "Flying with the Swallows," Part II. Part I has been edited and I even submitted the first 4,500 words to a contest in my local chapter of Romance Writers of America.

June being the traditional month of weddings will see a fun little project here on the blog titled "Their 1940s Romance," whereby I'll be featuring a snapshot of a couple married in the 1940s with a little ditty about them. It's my little way of honoring their love, their legacy, their story. Some of the couples are family members of friends/readers, and others are patients of my husband. (He's a house call physician.) That part brings such a warm smile to my heart because his patients love to talk about their sweethearts and he takes the time to listen and ask them questions. I'm sooo excited about this!! If you would like to honor a couple by having them included in the photo project, just email me through the "contact" section at the website ( or directly in response to this email/newsletter.

Now, here's some real lulu news! I'm podcasting. Yuppers, just like I'm coming to you through the radio. My program is titled "Podcast from the Home Front." I even made a separate website for it - so make sure you bookmark it! Coming to you every Tuesday and Saturday during May and June ... possibly July, too, I hope to bring my contemporary friends back to wartime 1940s through books, letters, music, and everything else that made the Greatest Generation the Greatest! Link is HERE to the website and episodes. Some visitors to my radio "podsite" might need episode transcripts for listening ease. Don't worry, they are provided. :)

Episode 1 is up and there's a real treat there: an excerpt from "Flying with the Swallows." Have a listen! June's episodes will be keeping with the photo theme about romance. Titled "The Love Letter Project," I'll be reading from the wartime correspondence between three couples. You see, relationships weren't so very different 75 years ago and we'll dialogue about that through your comments here on the site and on Facebook where my indie publisher Vanity & Pride Press will create an event page!

The Love Letter Project

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, darlings! I'd be honored if you joined me for any of these fun 1940s experiences planned for here at the website, podsite, and on Facebook.

Until next time, Keep 'em Flying!

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