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Their 1940s Romance #3

Lucy and Carmine

Now, let me tell you about this couple. I don't know them, but I came know them after finding their wedding album in an antique shop. Of course, as a New Yorker, I just had to find out their story and thanks to the internet. I did.

Lucy Corso and Carmine D'Amico grew up only a block from each other in Wyckoff Heights, Brooklyn. The son of an Italian grave digger, he was one of eight children and she was one of four. In June of 1943, Carmine enlisted in the Navy and although lucky enough to remain stateside patrolling the waters for submarines between Louisiana and the Florida Keys, his military service ended in 1945 when wounded.

They married September 21, 1947 at St. Joseph R.C. Church in their old neighborhood. Eventually, the couple moved to Port Richey, Florida and were married for 53 years until Lucy's death in 2000. Carmine passed in 2009.

I just adore this couple. Had they had children, I would have been honored to track them down and give them the photograph I purchased. ♥

See you next time, friends! Don't forget, if you'd like to honor a couple married during the 1940s drop me a line and we'll make it happen!

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