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Heirloom Detective Finds 2020

Not even Covid could keep the Heirloom Detective away from reuniting even the smallest of treasures with its family. This 1944 postcard from sailor to his father somehow found its way from New Jersey to Tampa, Florida. The sailor's son was delighted to receive it as it gives a unique glimpse into father/son relationship. LOL

The fella, I sent it to shared these thoughts on his Facebook page after welcoming this piece of his father's history home:

"Got a message the other day from a woman in Florida who had something I might want. In an antique shop there was a war time post card from my dad to his dad from Dec 1943. I can not imagine the path this thing took because dad's family had no connection to Florida. At any rate, I have it now and many thanks to Cat Gardiner for sending it. Apparently she makes a hobby out of reuniting people with stuff like this. Pretty awesome.

Dad had said one of his ships was PC-1234 and here is proof. Date on the card has to be 1943 because the boat was given to Uruguay 2 May 1944 Here is a pic from after the transfer PC-461 Class Submarine Chaser:

Laid down 12 December 1942 by Sullivan Dry Dock and Repair Co., Brooklyn, NY

Launched 3 April 1943

Delivered 19 June 1943 and commissioned USS PC-1234

Transferred to Uruguay 2 May 1944 and named ARO Maldanado (PC 1)

Reclassified B-1"

Needless to say. I'm absolutely tickled!

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