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A Moment Forever


In the summer of 1992, a young writer is bequeathed the abandoned home of a great-uncle she never knew. The house has a romantic history and is unlike any home she has ever seen. Juliana Martel felt as though she stepped into a time capsule—a snapshot of 1942. The epic romance—and heartache—of the former occupant unfold through reading his wartime letters found in the attic, compelling her on a quest to construct the man. His life, as well as his sweetheart’s, during the Second World War were as mysterious as his disappearance in 1950.


Carrying her own pain inflicted by the abandonment of her mother and unexpected death of her father, Juliana embarks on a journalist’s dream to find her great-uncle and the woman he once loved. Inadvertently uncovering the carefully hidden events of his and others' lives, she will ultimately change her own.


This story of undying love, born amidst the darkest era in modern history, unfolded on the breathtaking Gold Coast of Long Island in 1942. A Jewish, Army Air Forces pilot and an enchanting society debutante—young lovers—deception—and a moment in time that lasted forever.


A Moment Forever is an evocative journey

that will resonate with you long after you close the book. Romance, heartache, and the power of love, atonement, and forgiveness transform lives long after the horrors of the

Second World War has ended.



2016 Favorite Historical Fiction - Diary of an Eccentric
2016 Best Jane Austen Fiction - Savvy Verse & Wit
2016 Favorite Non-Austenesque Novel - Austenesque Reviews
2016 Favorite Read - Of Pens and Pages

"A Moment Forever is not a book you merely read; Gardiner ensures you actually live the story: from the overindulgence of Long Island's Gold Coast to wartime excitement in the Big Apple, from the airfield and USO dances and the fashions of the '40s to the solemnity of Paris 50 years after the roundup of its Jewish residents for deportation. There are so many layers in this story, and I never wanted it to end. It definitely will make my Best of 2016 list and ranks among my all-time favorite

WWII romances."

        -- Diary of an Eccentric, Review

"Epic WWII Romance at its best! A Moment Forever is like the smooth sounds of Doris Day singing “Again”. It pulls you into Gardiner’s world page by page, and it wraps you up in the passionate notes of Vera Lynn’s 'Yours'. "

"Where do I begin to explain how moving and powerful this book is? Love, betrayal, secrets, regrets, atonement, restitution and forgiveness...but how does one forgive, let alone go on, from such pain of betrayal as they are torn from the one they love? 

This is more than a 5* read in my humble opinion. This novel consumed me!" 

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