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His Soldier's Story

I'm honored to bring you July's Photo Project: His Soldier's Story. Throughout the patriotic month of July, several of Mr. Cat's patients have given me permission to share a little about themselves and their wartime service story. Approximately 400 of America's WWII veterans die each day, which means that only about 500,000 remain with us - to share their story, and receive our thanks. We are a grateful nation, and we should, at every opportunity, remember their sacrifice and brave contribution in vanquishing evil.

With that said, let me introduce you to the first of our fighting men.


*** George Gotch ***

Here is an amazing fellow at 98 years of age! A sharp, independent man, George still cares for others just as he did in the Mighty 8th Air Force.

Born in Pennsylvania, our dreamboat hero enlisted in the Army Air Corps in October 1941 before Pearl Harbor and in 1942 was sent to England. He was a crew chief assigned to work on B-24 Liberators, and proudly relayed that if there were any mechanical issues on those boats, then he was the go-to man! Also trained as a co-pilot, he helped to fly transport.

He married his sweetheart Virginia in 1947. Now a widower, George lives in his own home (where this framed collage hangs in the living room) with his daughter, caring for her after she suffered a physical set-back several years ago.

He is clearly - still a hero!

I love this collage that someone must have made for him. He is so handsome and looks to have been quite mischievous. LOL. There's a gleam in his eyes that's unforgettable. Please keep him and his daughter in your prayers as they both challenge health issues and they are all they have!

Thanks for stopping in and in honor of George KEEP 'EM FLYING!!

See you next time, friends.

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