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where living historian and author Cat T. Gardiner travels with you to wartime America and beyond in her evocative, WWII-era epic novels.

Debut novel, A Moment Forever, was a 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award Romance Finalist. Cat is currently working on a two-volume Flying with the Swallows adventure: The Lisbon Affair, Volume I and Rendezvous in Berlin, Volume II.


Between writing and WWII home front re-enacting, Cat takes her readers on a forties journey here at The 1940s Experience

blog and gallery.

"Where do I begin to explain how moving and powerful this book is? Love, betrayal, secrets, regrets, atonement, restitution and forgiveness...but how does one forgive, let alone go on, from such pain of betrayal as they are torn from the one they love? 

This is more than a 5* read in my humble opinion. This novel consumed me!" -- Amazon review

"A Moment Forever is not a book you merely read; Gardiner ensures you actually live the story: from the overindulgence of Long Island's Gold Coast to wartime excitement in the Big Apple, from the airfield and USO dances and the fashions of the '40s to the solemnity of Paris 50 years after the roundup of its Jewish residents for deportation. There are so many layers in this story, and I never wanted it to end. It definitely will make my Best of 2016 list and ranks among my all-time favorite WWII romances"

-- Diary of an Eccentric

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